Arwadh is a leading integrator of advanced technologies supporting critical infrastructure needs. We work closely with our clients to understand what they want to achieve, identify a solution capable of meeting these requirements, and custom design these solutions to ensure client satisfaction. Our engineered solutions have been proven by time and demonstrated by installations throughout the GCC and the world.

Beverage Packaging Equipment

Arwadh provides fully integrated, turnkey solutions for bottled water and other beverage packaging facilities designed to fit your bottling needs, your factory space and your budget. From concept to operation, Arwadh will help you build your beverage bottling success story.

Waste Water Treatment

Arwadh has developed an exclusive relationship with Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc., to bring over 40 years of wastewater treatment and reuse expertise to the Arab World. Our wastewater treatment systems offer industry-leading engineering and manufacturing of secondary and tertiary applications for federal, municipal and industrial markets worldwide.

Proton On Site Arabia

Proton Energy Arabia offers exciting possibilities in hydrogen production and regulation products proven by installations on every continent. Our patented PEM technology is a much cleaner and safer method of generating hydrogen than traditional KOH methods, producing 99.999% pure hydrogen on site from water and electricity.

Flow Control

Measuring and regulating pipeline flows is an important funcition in the process of transporting oil and gas from the field to the refinery. To meet the needs of flow control in the Oil and Gas sector, Arwadh offers flow control computers and severe service valves that are designed for your custom application.

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