Flow Control

Measuring and regulating pipeline flows is an important funcition in the process of transporting oil and gas from the field to the refinery.  To meet the needs of flow control in the Oil and Gas sector, Arwadh offers flow control computers and severe service valves.

Flow Control Computers

Arwadh has recently partnered with Dynamic Flow Computers Inc. to add another facet of expertise and product offerings to the Middle East’s power, oil, and gas industries. Arwadh’s added ability to provide flow control computer manufacturing and design will bring more than 20 years of expertise to the Middle East.

Dynamic’s flow computers are designed to operate in various fields such as petrochemical and refining, wellhead, liquid pipeline and storage, and gas pipeline and gathering.  The explosion proof, meter mounted flow computers are designed for ease of operation while maintaining the ability to perform the most complicated of calculations.  Benefits include dramatically reduced wiring costs, more accurate data, and reduced time and effort for calibration and maintenance.

Severe Service Valves

Severe industry conditions can lead to extreme consequences.  Harsh industry environments can create plant downtime and increase risks to employee safety. To prevent such disasters, companies around the world turn to the experts at Cornerstone Valve.  And so does Arwadh. 

The primary focus is to build the highest quality severe service ball valve in the market with the fastest delivery.  Through unique supplier relationships and proven lean techniques combined with an extensively trained and competitive workforce, Cornerstone can deliver their custom made valve solutions in less than half the time of the competition.   

Arwadh has partnered with Cornerstone Valve Severe Service Engineering to offer engineering expertise and high quality severe service valves to serve the following industries:

High Quality Severe Service Valve Equipment

In an industry where reliability is a must, why take a chance on unknown product integrity? 
Valve solutions are not commodity products, but rather are built in response to specific client challenges such as high pressure, high temperature, high solids, high cycles, high abrasives or viscous service media.  Cornerstone products have a reputation built on commitment to quality, attention to detail and stringent testing meeting the highest standards such as API 6D-0164 monogram, API 6A-0321 monogram PSL 1-4, API Q1-0165 and ISO 9001:  2000-0450. 
Additionally, Cornerstone manufacturing time for their Severe Service Valves is the fastest in the industry, saving you time and money by keeping your operations on-line.