Proton On Site Arabia

Proton On Site Arabia offers exciting possibilities in hydrogen production and regulation products proven by installations on every continent for applications ranging from laboratories, power plant cooling and solar powered backup to military and aerospace. Our hydrogen systems use state of the art Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology which produces and regulates the purest hydrogen (99.999%) on-site from water and electricity, removing the need for costly hydrogen deliveries.

Hydrogen Generation

Every 1% of generator windage loss translates to a 14% increase in fluid density, greatly reducing efficiency. This is why Proton's HOGEN hydrogen generations systems are extremely beneficial to any type of power plant. They not only remove the need for costly hydrogen deliveries, but also produce 99.999% pure hydrogen that removes heat from the generator windings and keeps equipment internals clean, increasing efficiency and power output. Hydrogen this pure can only be achieved through PEM technology, and plant operators are slowly discovering how beneficial on-site hydrogen can be in aiding power generation efforts.

Hydrogen Regulation

When pairing the purest on-site hydrogen generation with state of the art regulation equipment, power plants realize the efficiency benefits via optimized outputs. The StableFlow hydrogen control and regulation systems offer the ability to automatically monitor purity, dewpoint and pressure of the hydrogen entering your generator, and works seamlessly with the HOGEN generation system.

Power Plant Cooling

Proton On Site Arabia offers a wide range of fogging solutions for today's demanding energy and power markets. Developed and manufactured by Mee Industries, the original developer of inlet air cooling, MeeFog inlet air cooling systems increase your gas turbine power output at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Designed for applications in power generation, oil, gas and petrochemical refining and offshore operations, MeeFog systems have been proven with over 700 installations and 40 years experience of high pressure fogging solutions.

MeeFog Benefits

Don't just take our word for it. Ask Arwadh to supply a detailed power recovery report for details on system cost, guaranteed power gains, fuel savings and payback analysis.